What is waste?

What happens to waste?

Waste but not wasted

Waste management of wastes is often neglected and related activities are generally viewed in a poor light. Human activities in all forms involve the acquisition, processing and production of materials and services in order to provide economic benefits of growth and drive the economy.

All such activities will generate some form at every stage and these wastes or side streams need to be removed from the supply or manufacturing chain in order to keep the manufacturing process as smooth as possible. Such waste removal services are thus carried out by relevant service providers.

All organizations will want to maximise their profit margins and reduce costs. This also applies to vendors in the supply chain and waste service providers are often pressured to offer reduced pricing in order to secure contracts. This in turn mean that some service providers may not treat such side streams correctly. This is where enforcement standards and regulations come in to manage the side streams appropriately.

Waste management must be seen as a crucial part of the supply chain and all stakeholders must be prepared to play and pay their part of ensuring positive outcomes for the public good.