About Us

Envcares Compost was founded in 2014 and introduced an optimal method for minimising the impact of Environment by collecting all type of Wastes Materials to added value for high content in nutrients and increased stimulating properties in plant growth Our philosophy is based on the production and development of natural fertilisers at reasonable costs by regaining and utilising only waste materials. We offer quality improvement of agricultural, landscape and gardening products while protecting the environment. We are focusing on the significant quality improvement of the organic, transitional (from conventional to organic) and conventional agriculture and gardening Envcares-Compost-Fertiliser The product comes from the open windrow composting process (aerobic fermentation) is demonstrated by its dark brown colour (instead of carbon-black colour which is the result of burning), its characteristic texture and its natural earth odour.

Supported by Farm85

Farm85 is a local vegetation farming company that we cooperate with in carrying out plant trials to reduce vegetable waste by converting them into usable resources.

Our Subsidiary

Envcares Sdn Bhd

  1. To provide logistic services between Malaysia and Singapore
  2. Supply organic compost fertilizer & composting of raw materials.
  3. Supply of fresh vegetables from Singapore & Malaysia.
  4. Supply of Soil Mixture for Farmland & Plantation.
  5. Supply of Animal Feeds.
Date Incorporated14 Mar 2014
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